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Oxford University Press Southern Africa
Oxford University Press Southern Africa
Book Reviews

Welcome to the Oxford University Press Southern Africa Book Reviews page.

Here you can see a sampling of our product, and read some of the reviews written about our titles.

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Dark Summer
Eddie was preparing for what to him was going to be the worst summer ever until he visits the “Wookey Hole Caves”.
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Cassy is a Teenage girl who has been raised by her grandmother. She has never known anything about her father.
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Wolf Cry
Raised during the era of the Viking .... Freydis was not her fathers’ favourite child. A raid by pirates on her fathers’ ship leaves Freydis near death.
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Forever X
Forever X is a hotel where everyday is a “Happy”, “Jolly” day, everyday there’s a feast of Roast for lunch or supper, everyday is Christmas… a couple married on Christmas day, had a wonderful idea.
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Exam Success: English Poetry prescribed for Grade 12
Oxford University Press's (OUP) study guides for Grade 12 are available for almost every examinable Matric subject. We reviewed their guides for English Literature students and teachers.
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